We are an inter-denominational team of Christians living out our faith in the service of others. By combining the best Christian practices with secular wisdom we seek to bring understanding and healing to those in need. The counselling support at Philippi is not an alternative but complementary to social work interventions, psychotherapy, the love and attention of a close friend, pastoral or any other form of care. People from all age groups contact us to seek help. Children are usually counselled with the permission of a parent or guardian.

The Philippi Trust Namibia Emotional Well-being Program offers an affordable service to employers and employees alike. This program consists of services that are accessible to employees and managers alike and provide uniquely tailored solutions to assist employees face the stresses associated with modern life.

Counseling services

We provide a broad based, general Counselling service with specialist knowledge applied in the areas of HIV/AIDS, Psycho-social Support for Orphans & Vulnerable Children, Child Abuse and Compulsive and Dependent behavior and specialize in Counselling Skills Training.

Our counselling is based on reflective listening; it is non-intrusive, largely non-directive and fully accepting of the counselees, many of whom contact us directly or are referred to us by church leaders, medics and community workers.


Training Courses

Training in counselling for community counselors and teachers as well as health care professionals and other care workers is an integral part of our commitment to bring God’s love, joy, peace and healing into the lives of those in pain and in need of hope so that they in turn learn to value their individuality and to enjoy a wide range of personal relationships.

Professional training standards are maintained throughout and our experienced counselors subscribe to the Code of Ethics of the Association of Christian Counsellors (ACC), based in the United Kingdom, to which Philippi Trust Namibia is affiliated.

Philippi provides a professional level of counselling training to church and community, using a non-intrusive, largely non directive and relational approach.

Our training facilitators are well trained and come from varied professional backgrounds, thus offering considerable experience and expertise. They all receive ongoing training, independent supervision and work according to the Code of Ethics of the Association of Christian Counselors (ACC).

Our courses seek to integrate reputable secular methods and approaches with that of the Christian faith. Our vision is to equip people in the broader community, churches and other community based organisations to bring healing and restoration in our communities, therefore our country.

Philippi Trust Namibia was the first NGO in Namibia to receive accreditation as a training provider from the Namibia Qualifications Authority (NQA) and was at the time, only the fourth training provider in Namibia that applied for and was successful in obtaining accreditation.

National Certificate in Counselling Services – Community Counselling (NQF, Level 3)

National Diploma in Counselling (NQF Level 6 & 7)

Training for Health Professionals

Other courses

Children work

We believe that the youth, if given adequate training, can play a major role in empowering vulnerable children.

Since September 2002, PTN has applied its expertise in counselling to providing psychosocial support to Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC), both directly and through the training of Group Leaders in their communities. PTN recognizes that the scale and the impact of psycho-social support programming in the community, is directly proportional to the degree to which the capacity of the community has been build. PTN is therefore committed:

What is Psycho-social support

 Experimental Learning Camps

The goal of Experiential Learning Camps is to enhance the child’s coping skills in dealing with challenging and stressful life situations.

Children from various institutions and communities are invited to participate in these camps. At these camps, children who are orphaned or vulnerable due to circumstances are taught to overcome fears and difficult situations. Through participation in team-building and fun activities such as abseiling and obstacle courses, the children learn practical coping skills. Instructions on topics such as ‘self-esteem’, ‘loss and bereavement’ and ‘sex and sexuality’ provide additional intellectual stimulation and enhance the learning experience.

Emotional wellbeing

In today’s fast-paced, achievement orientated society, maintaining a positive balance is not always easy.