Counselling @ PTN

Philippi Counselling Philosophy

A person needs counselling when they have a perceived significant loss of peace in their life. That sense of loss can be identified in one or three areas of their life – with God, their neighbour or themselves. It is when peace is restored in any or all of these areas, that the need for counselling ends”. (Rev. Malcolm Worsley)

Counselling is a process that enables you to talk about problems in your life, allowing you to explore how you feel about difficult situations in a safe environment.

For some, counselling has been the means to help with inner guilt, depression, grief, rejection and other issues that have impacted on their lives. We work to the Code of Ethics and Practice of the Association of Christian Counselors, UK and as such our counselors are required to receive regular supervision. The model of counselling used is based on an integrative approach, integrating both Christian and secular practices. We are fully accepting of the counselee regardless of age, ethnicity or religion. We seek to bring a sense of peace, direction and contentment into the lives of the people we counsel.

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